Martial Arts – 6th Birthday


Our first birthday party away from home was fantastic!

The instructor who runs the parties at our local Choi Kwang Do is great.  Both of my kids take lessons there, and I suggested it to my daughter as a party place since she wanted to invite nearly her whole kindergarten class.

I’ve included this page only as a reference for a great invitation resource and the loaded goody bags.

Martial Arts or Karate Party Invitation
When I searched online for “karate girl invitation,” I found Polygraphics.  Great, customizable designs, super-fast turnaround and lovely people to work with.  I ordered the invitation at right preprinted.  They added the blonde pigtails and #6 to the medal and made the belt yellow at my request.  I pasted on the photo head after I received the invitations.

Martial Arts Party Favors
Since Choi Kwang Do took care of everything else, I went overboard on the goody bags.  Martial Arts Party has good quality loot bags  – navy boy design, red girl design.  I also ordered teeny-tiny karate figures, thinking I’d put them on cupcakes, but they ended up in the goody bags.  And, finally, Karate Rubber Ducks because the other 50 rubber ducks that my son bathes with every night have grown mold.

Party Favors for Boys & Girls Ages 4-6
In lieu of more theme-specific things that most kids wouldn’t use, we included $1 packs of modeling clay and mini markers from Learning Express, blank bookmarks and mini notebooks from Lakeshore, and a personalized pencil that said, “Enjoy your summer! Love, Sasha.”

Seems extravagant, but I also bought a box of Lakeshore’s Cutest Little Stampers, since both of my kids love self-inking stampers.  Sasha and Luke had fun dividing the 36 stamps into “boy stamps” and “girl stamps” and choosing which to put in the goody bags and which to keep for themselves.

Balloons as Giveaways & Decorations
Finally, we tied each bag closed with a red or blue foil balloon from Dollar Tree.  Since there were no decorations at the party location, the balloons helped it look festive.

Cake was a #6 pull-apart cupcake cake from Publix.  Great idea but so much frosting that even my sugaraholic daughter didn’t eat all of hers.