Very Nice Cats

One of my favorite art teacher sites, Art Projects for Kids, includes a wonderfully simple lesson, “How to Draw a Cat.”  Because of Kathy Barbro’s clear instruction, I was able to help 22 first graders make the most charming cats, which their teacher promptly dispayed in the hallway.

To ensure bright colors, I added a brief explanation of complementary colors.  And because I only had 40 minutes with them, I limited their color selection to pairs of oil pastels that I’d bound together before class.

I’d also hoped to find a basic color wheel that I could give each child – a tool for them to take home.  I searched online and at local art and paint stores to no avail,  so I made my own – my husband made the graphic, I printed them on cardstock and added game spinners that I found at Michaels.

Since then, Art Projects for Kids has posted a free color wheel download.  A great tool – thank you!

Finally, I found a great explanation of complementary colors here, and made labels for the children’s artwork that included the color wheel and a place for the kids to sign their names.

The children were thrilled with their results!