2nd Grade Minions!

Yellow tempura paint, fat brushes
Black Sharpie marker
Silver Metallic Sharpie marker
Extra large wiggly eyes
Thick drawing paper
Silver & red washable metallic tempura paint (background)

To start, I had the kids place their wiggly eyes on the paper.  Then, we did a directed drawing lesson around the eyes.  A minion is really just a big bean shape.

Before adding paint, make sure to finish any detail with the Sharpie markers, including coloring in the goggles with Silver Metallic.  We painted the blue overalls and background first, as those paints were thinner and dried faster.  Last, the kids added yellow paint.  I took a chance and didn’t use washable, as the color isn’t as rich.

Feb 14 - Minions in the hallwayWe did these in February.  All lined up, they made a great Valentine for the kids’ teacher.  A couple of kids who finished first made the sign – complete with Minion duct tape as a border – and all of the kids signed it.
IMG_5483 IMG_5482 IMG_5481 IMG_5480 IMG_5479 IMG_5478 IMG_5476 IMG_5474 IMG_5473 IMG_5471 IMG_5469 IMG_5458

Easter party game – fitness, not candy!

This was a big hit during Zumba® Kids in the Spring.

Fill eggs with strips of paper, each with a different way of moving.  Place 2 baskets – one with eggs, one empty for eggs/paper already opened- at either end of gym/studio/yard/classroom.  Kids take turns opening the eggs and calling out what to do.  As a group, they do whatever the eggs says to get to the other basket.

I played the Bunny Hop jazz song while they played.

Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes!

I cook as little as possible and bake even less.  But as a matter of pride, I need a handful of recipes that are easy and no-fail, so I can cheerfully offer “What can I bring?” when a friend hosts a dinner party.

Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes are easy!  Click here for the recipe at Chow.com, credited to Dave Lieberman.

My first try turned out great.  The only modifications I made:  I added Bailey’s to the frosting when it seemed too thick and my cupcakes were mini-size (tons of sugar in there!), baked for 12 minutes.

A fun conversation starter and perfect for any time even close to St. Patrick’s Day.



Class Valentines from Pinterest

Given the popularity of Pinterest, my kids probably won’t be the only ones giving out “You Rule” valentines, or paint-strip bookmarks Thursday.

But we sure had fun putting these together today, and I’m a fan of anything that keeps more candy from coming into our house.

Credit for this great idea goes to relocatedliving.com – thank you!
My 1st grade son was thrilled.

1st Grade Heartwork

1st graders loved the freedom of this Jim Dine art lesson.  11×15 watercolor paper, Sax liquid watercolors, oil pastels and a lot of paper towels.  Cardboard hearts and stencils were available but not everyone used them.

Easy and beautiful!