Chicken & Poodle Ring Pillows

Happy Anniversary to us!

This blog is 10-months-old, but the original Clown and Poodle made it official 10 years ago today.

Digging through our attic for that candle we’re supposed to light every year (I think I’ve remembered it twice), I found our ring pillows.  The chicken theme is from a chorus that my husband used to sing with.  And the poodle…well, it was already clear then that I was going to be higher maintenance.

Anyway, not terribly sophisticated – I didn’t even use a sewing machine – but they are my craft idea for the day.  And an excuse to broadcast how proud I am to be married to this man.Homemade Ring Pillows


Things I Love

Things I love that have nothing to do with the children or the house!


Acorn Down Wrap slippers – great for the bus stop!
(Ok, maybe a little bit to do with the children.)


Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm, available at Target.


A gift from my husband and Pippo Perez.
Mine has 3 tiny ruby hearts.  I love it.


Natori Animal Sculpture Robe.
My cozy, cold-weather robe.


I can’t believe I spent $30 on nail polish.
One coat and 10 days later, though, my nails look better
than they have since I was pregnant.


These Halogen lace tanks come in several colors.
Great to wear under mom-clothes.


Keen Whisper sandals.
My favorite sandals ever.

Teva Kayenta
My second favorite pair of sandals.
Sierra Trading Post carries them in girls’ sizes – my daughter loves them, too.


Lucy Walk About
pants, capris, shorts and skorts.


Natori Shangri-La robe and gown.
They feel so good that I can almost imagine
I look like she does.


Most fragrances give me a headache,
but I love Bath and Body Works’ vanilla.
Reasonably priced when it’s on sale (look for Buy 3, Get 3 deals)
and the lotion is easy to slather on.


I don’t have good skin,
but when I stop using this, it gets worse.


I love this watch and the interchangeable straps from JCrew.


Merrell Tetra Catch Waterproof Boots
They feel like slippers.


 Patagonia Hotline Top
Goes from working out to hanging out.

I Love Fast Food

When I’m trying to cram in a week’s worth of exercise and errands in the 2 hours and 50 minutes that my son’s in preschool.  When I reach towards the backseat and wonder whether goldfish or gummies are more effective against a hunger headache.  When I wish I could stomach anything at McDonalds other than a large Diet Coke.

$3.99 Summer Roll or $4.99 Avocado Salad Roll at Publix

If the grocery store is on my to-do list, I pick up one of these rolls in the Publix sushi department.  Sugar is more a concern for me, personally, than salt, so I skip the sweet, gooey sauce and use low-sodium soy sauce.

Starbucks Artisan Snack Plates, $4.95 each

Also convenient is Starbucks’ Protein plate, especially if there’s a drive-thru nearby.  A hard-boiled egg so perfect it looks fake, apples, grapes, white cheddar cheese slices and a bready-raisiny thing with peanut butter.  The Fruit, Nut & Cheese plate is good, too, but seems less like a meal, despite the higher calorie count.When I’m on top of things, I duplicate the Protein plate at home, substituting a Thomas’ whole wheat mini bagel for the meusli bread, and pack it all in a cooler for the car.  If I eat the apples and cheese slices together, I can almost imagine I’m in Napa overlooking a vineyard.

And then a Target shopping cart rolls into my minivan.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here I am this morning.  Cold coffee, dirty hair and squirming kids.
Big, tired smile that makes my eyes close.

If you can relate, then Happy Mother’s Day to you!

(Good thing it’s not Hot Wife’s Day.)