Coloring the Yard

If you like color and can live with plastic, these adirondack chairs are fabulous!

Comfortable, stackable, easy-to-clean.  And, as my recent football player-sized party guest can attest to, surprisingly sturdy.

Adams Manufacturing makes them.  Last summer, after they sold out at Home Depot ($8 each on clearance), I found them at, a hardware store co-op.  Several candy colors are available for $18.99, and they ship site-to-store for free, if there’s a store in the co-op near you.  They popped up on Craigslist, too.

The chairs are back at Home Depot now for about $16, but in more muted colors.  I prefer the brighter, candy colors at, but if they’re too saccharine for you, there’s yet another option at Target for $17.

Painting the Yard

You know those blooming hanging baskets you can pick up at big box stores this time of year?