Pictures Tell A Story

A couple of years ago, after my husband woke up on Father’s Day,
he walked into our kitchen to find the wall plastered with photos of him with our kids.
It was so plainly clear at that moment what a great Dad he is, that it took our breath away.

Years before that, I made wrapping paper from photos of me and my stepfather.
I don’t even remember what the gift was, but I still have pieces of the paper.

Little Heads

I rarely make homemade cards.

But I can’t look at greeting cards on display in a store without re-imagining them. Little Heads Square


Gift for Dad or Grandfather

Every couple of years we end up at Portrait Innovations to take a family photo for my mother-n-law for Christmas.  The quality is fine, there’s no sitting fee and you can buy just one photo.  And they’ll wait while your whole family changes clothes for a second “look.”

When I was considering what our family would wear – my least favorite part of the process, other than watching my daughter try so hard to please us with a fake, stiff smile – it occured to me that we could all change into Green Bay Packers shirts.  My stepfather – a Wisconsin native – would be with us that Christmas and I could imagine his big guffaw as he opened a framed photo of us in Cheesehead garb.

Old Navy usually has 100% cotton, nice-looking sports team shirts.  My husband, a Cowboys fan, was actually willing to wear a Green Bay shirt (it’s important to keep the in-laws happy!).  But I couldn’t find one in his size.  He was not upset when I brought home a new Dallas shirt for him instead.  He and my stepfather talk smack to each other about their respective sports allegiances, so it worked.

And, lo and behold, Portrait Innovations has a football stadium backdrop.  A little cheesy, but a lot of fun.

And we got the big guffaw.