Year-End Gifts for Teachers

I’m not a fan of asking other parents to contribute money for teachers’ gifts.  Especially at the end of the school year, when everyone has giving fatigue.  Or is just fatigued, period.

But I have asked for parents’ help gathering year-end sentiments from their children to the teacher.  For a kind of class thank-you note.

Last year, it was 5 sentences on a sheet of paper that each child completed, described here.  I bound the questionnaires together (nothing fancy – something that the kids would do, with a title handwritten by my daughter) and let the kids present the book to their teacher during the last week of school.  They were pretty proud of themselves.

But I did notice that few kids (these were kindergarteners) came up with thoughtful responses to all 5 sentences.  So, this year, I printed out the same thoughtstarters on cardstock, one per half sheet, and sent 5 different cards home with each child.  The children could choose one (or two or all of them) to fill out and return to me.  I also suggested that the parents could write a note, and a few did.  Then I mixed up the cards, tied them with ribbon and put them in an art caddy.

I contributed filler that I thought the teacher would appreciate, including M&M’s printed with her favorite sports team logo and personalized notepads from  The other room parent added a gift card purchased with the balance of our class fund (to which all of the parents contributed at the beginning of the year).

Here are some of the children’s year-end sentiments: