Frogs – 2nd Birthday

This was a simple party for my son’s 2nd birthday.  His favorite shirt had a frog on it and he loved the plastic frogs that cost $1 per pack at The Dollar Tree.  When I saw this invitation at Learning Express, Frogs it was.

We invited just a few kids (with a parent) for lunch on a Sunday.  A craft, an easy game, pizza and cupcakes were plenty for this age.

Fly-Catching Frog
This is a clever craft from Family Fun using red party blowers.  The kids loved blowing out their long red “tongues.”  And only because my son had just discovered the joy of glitter, I let the kids make their frogs sparkly (a big hit since glitter is too messy for most parents).  We also used glue sticks and sticky-back wiggly eyes.  Moms had to help assemble. 

Lily Pad Hop
I taped green poster board lily pads on the floor in our foyer and stuck a fake flower on a few of them.  The kids pretended to be frogs jumping from lily pad to lily pad.  Easy, cheap, cute.

Party Supplies
I still love the colorful frog plates we ordered from Oriental Trading.  The big, bright frog candles were adorable,  but they were a little wobbly (small cupcakes, not much icing).  So the kids’ cupcakes were each topped with a plastic toy frog.

A Frog Hoppers Game for ages 2-3, which my children still play with, and a frog bath toy for siblings 1 and under.