My Udderly Amazing Husband

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday.
The night before, while we slept, someone stuck 24 cardboard cows in our yard.  I paid $75 (or $3 per cow) for the privilege.
I haven’t always done things just for fun.  But somewhere along the way I learned to appreciate silly little things.  And watching other people do the same.  It’s the grins and guffaws that I love, that indicate an openness to joy.

We gA public love noteot a lot of mileage out of these cows.  My 5-year-old son named them all.  Friends with kids drove by and snapped pictures.   Neighbors stopped by with funny comments and birthday wishes.

But my husband’s grin alone was worth it.  And walking back to the house with him from our daughter’s bus stop, holding hands.

For a herd near you, try Critter Invasion.

Party Napkin Eggs

Check out this egg decorating technique,
submitted to Art Projects for Kids from a teacher in Macedonia.

We used plastic eggs and the egg whites and paper napkins adhered beautifully.  My son’s 4-year-old buddy called it “painting with egg goo.”

I’ll never discard an unused party napkin again.

Yoga Poses for Children

I’m organizing kids’ activities for a family reunion this Summer and I came across this very cool resource.

Photos of 25 different yoga poses for children are available for free download at Mama Liberated.  Meg, a former Montessori teacher, even explains how you can order a set of prints and ship them directly from her Flickr account.  I plan to do just that and laminate each one – yoga flash cards!

These will be great to have on hand at our reunion when the little people and I find ourselves needing some downward dog time.

Thank you, Mama Liberated!

Pad Pants & Flashlights

We are off on our great family adventure – biking and camping in Colorado with Western Spirit Cycling.

 I’m beyond excited.  I did Western Spirit’s White Rim Tour in Canyonlands National Park exactly 9 years ago.  It is still the best trip I’ve ever taken.  This time, we’ll be doing one of Western Spirit’s Family Trips.

If you are at all interested in mountain biking, this company is fantastic.  They organize trips for all levels in the country’s national parks and forests.   A truck carries your gear and the expert guides do all of the cooking.  The food is amazing!

I can’t wait to share this with my husband and kids.  Our suburban life is undoubtedly charmed, but getting out of our comfort zones will be good for all of us.

Fresh air, wide, open spaces and sore rear ends, here we come!

WS 2002

Western Spirit Cycling’s White Rim Tour, 2002