Clapping Games

Today is going to be a great day.  I know this because I put my daughter on the bus this morning, giggling (both of us).  I have Miss Mary Mack to thank.  Remember the clapping game?

Miss Mary Mack postMiss Mary Mack
Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack
All dressed in black, black, black
With silver buttons, buttons, buttons
All down her back, back, back.
She asked her mother, mother, mother
For fifty cents, cents, cents
To see the elephant, elephant, elephant
Jump over the fence, fence, fence.
He jumped so high, high, high
He reached the sky, sky, sky
He never came back, back, back
‘Til the 4th of July, July, July!

For each line, clap own hands, cross arms on chest, clap own hands again, then clap hands with partner 3x.

If your daughter is around 6 or 7 and she’s not already coming home singing old songs like this, learn the words yourself and teach them to her – you’ll be a rock star.  Then, prepare yourself, because Miss Susie is right around the corner (remember how fun it was to sing Hell-o Operator?).

Here are a few more short ones:

Say, Say, Oh Playmate
Say, say, oh playmate,
Come out and play with me.
Bring out your dollies three.
Climb up my apple tree.
Slide down my rainbow
Into my cellar door.
And we’ll be jolly friends
Forevermore, one two three four! (clap both hands straight across with partner while counting)

Follow this pattern – Clap own hands, clap right hand with partner’s right hand, clap own hands, clap left hand with partner’s left hand.

Double, Double
Double double ice ice,
Double double cream cream.
Double ice, double cream,
Double double ice cream

With partner, knock fists on “double,” clap both hands on “ice,” slap backs of both hands on “cream.”

Lemonade (clap 3x), crunchy ice (clap 3x)
Beat it once (clap 3x), beat it twice (clap 3x).
Lemonade, crunchy ice
Beat it once, beat it twice.
Turn around (turn around), touch the ground (touch the ground), FREEZE (freeze).

The first child to move is “out.”

New Tricks for an Old Poodle

I’m trying to teach myself how to use Adobe Illustrator.

Leather Bands & Sharpies

Yet another reason to love Sharpie markers.  They look terrific on leather!

For an easy set-up, no clean-up craft that’s a little different,
check out this wristband project at Art Murals for Kids by art teacher Kathy Barbro.

Kathy’s step-by-step instructions for making 5 different designs on leather wristbands with Sharpie markers are clever and easy to follow.  The PDF file costs $5.

This project was a good fit for the kids (ages 5-16) at our family reunion in Sunriver, OR.  It would also work well for Girl Scouts or during camping. Art Projects for Kids leather bracelets

After purchasing the designs, I enlarged and laminated the instructions for the kids to use as reference.  The older children really appreciated them, while the younger ones preferred to do their own thing.

The leather wristbands, bought in bulk from Tandy Leather Factory, are $1-$2 each.  They’re also available locally at Michaels.  Even though they’re adjustable, they were still too big for the smallest children, who wore them on their ankles.

Leather anklets 2

Also, be sure to check out Art Projects for Kids - that’s where Kathy  shares hundreds of art lessons free-of-charge.  It’s one of my favorite sites.

Leather Bracelets #2


Imaginary Creatures

More of my work from Carla Sonheim’s Dog Days of Summer online art camp series.  These are from her Imaginary Creatures workshop, or click here for my work from Faces 101.  Carla really does a fantastic job.

The fish and butterfly snail are watercolor, micron pen and gesso on cold press watercolor paper.

The little guys below are watercolor and pencil. 






Fantastic Online Art Class!

I am loving Carla Sonheim’s online art camp for adults (or kids).