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Makes for very happy kids at our house on Sunday mornings!

Tips for 2nd Grader from American Girl

My 7-year-old daughter and I both like this book, Stand Up for Yourself & Your Friends, published by American Girl.

Pete the Cat, Read-Aloud Rock Star

Mystery reader for your child’s class?  There are now two Pete the Cat books to make the most of those 10 minutes.

And how perfect that the colorful, cool cat goes to school in Rocking in My School Shoes, the second book by Eric Litwin and artist James Dean.  I read this one and its predecessor, I Love My White Shoes, to my son’s kindergarten class Friday.

If you don’t know Pete, he’s like the hip, older brother to Llama Llama Misses Mama.  Or the street version of Wemberley Worried.  Which makes him great fun to read aloud to both preschoolers and K-2 kids.

There are even activity sheets downloadable for free here, to hand out later.  Just be sure to listen to the audio files of the creators performing the books, in order to get the tunes of Pete’s songs.Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes

Because, of course, you have to sing them.

If you sing like I do (ironically, my husband would say I sound like a cat screeching), no worries.  The kids won’t care because halfway through each book they’ll be singing along with you.

Finally, I resisted the urge to buy each child a cat figurine (25 cents at Learning Express) and paint it blue, or hand out Trader Joe’s Cat Cookies after I read the books.  But if you tend to overdo everything like I do, and the teacher doesn’t mind giveaways during Mystery Reader, go for it!

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Chicken & Poodle Ring Pillows

Happy Anniversary to us!

This blog is 10-months-old, but the original Clown and Poodle made it official 10 years ago today.

Digging through our attic for that candle we’re supposed to light every year (I think I’ve remembered it twice), I found our ring pillows.  The chicken theme is from a chorus that my husband used to sing with.  And the poodle…well, it was already clear then that I was going to be higher maintenance.

Anyway, not terribly sophisticated – I didn’t even use a sewing machine – but they are my craft idea for the day.  And an excuse to broadcast how proud I am to be married to this man.Homemade Ring Pillows