Fancy Turkeys

Here’s an artsy craft idea that I considered for a November Art Parent lesson in kindergarten.  I love the colorful results and my kids, ages 5 and 7, had fun trying it out.

Steps for drawing a close-up view of a turkey:
1. Use a cardboard template (ours was 4″ in diameter) to draw a circle in the middle of the paper with a black Sharpie.
2. Starting on the circle, add a triangle underneath for the beak.
3. Put your marker where the triangle and circle intersect, and draw a straight line to the bottom of the page.  Repeat with the other side for a neck.
4. Add a gobble.
5-Yr-Old's Turkey DrawingMy son added wavy lines around the turkey’s neck and head, colored it all in and announced that his art was complete.  No gobbler, but I agree with him – I love it.

Fancy Turkey by 7-yr-oldMy daughter spread glue outside of the turkey’s neck and head and attached feathers, big wiggle eyes and a few rhinestones.

We used both 9×12 and 12×18 paper – just depends on how big you want the turkeys to be, and how many feathers ($$ at local craft stores) you want to go through.  If you have time, order online at Discount School Supply.  And glue sticks won’t cut it – I like Aleene’s Tacky Glue, but not the gold bottle it comes in, so I ordered a gallon.  (I splurge on art supplies instead of shoes!)

For preschoolers, I’d draw the head, neck and gobble outline myself and make copies for the kids.  And then let them go to town with markers (a big deal at age 4), feathers and these other bells and whistles.

Adhesive Gems from Oriental Trading40mm Wiggle Eyes from MichaelsGoo Spreaders

Fancy Nancy Turkeys, perhaps?  You could read Fancy Nancy: Our Thanksgiving Banquet

Ok, moving on.

Football Helmet?

My 2nd grader came home today wearing a milk jug on her head!

It vaguely resembled a football helmet, but we’re a big-headed family so it didn’t quite cover her ears.  The occasion was “college team spirit day” – a fundraiser, I think, since I paid a dollar so she could wear a football shirt to school.

If I could ever stay awake late enough to host a Super Bowl party, I’d use this as a craft to occupy the kids.

Or, on Thanksgiving, little houseguests could make them for the dads parked in front of the TV.  Imagine the group photos!


13 Things to Love about Halloween and Preschoolers

The Witch Hat Ring Toss game at Party City.

Pumpkin Bowling, where decorating the water bottles is half the fun.
Use them empty for the smallest kids, then fill with sand or water the next year.

Garland made from those big tubs of foam shapes at Michaels.

Painting pumpkins

Or just putting stickers on them.
The face kits at Oriental Trading- $5 for 12 kits -

Halloween Art Lesson: The Scream by Edvard Munch

Art Parent Sample

5-Year-Old Scream

As Art Parent for my son’s class yesterday, I had the pleasure of introducing 21 kindergarteners to “The Scream” by artist Edvard Munch.