3/15 Appts at Emory

Today, Joey and I met with a genetic counselor at Emory and I gave a tube of blood to be sent to the only lab in the US that can test for mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes (they hold a patent for those 2 genes – how is that possible?).

Fighting Back

Today, we are officially fighting back.

I took 2 pills that look like Advil and will take 2 more tonight. Hoping I don’t grow horns before the kids get off the bus.

In 4 weeks, after we return from St Thomas, I’ll have another PET scan just before I start chemo infusions. I’ve also agreed to another biopsy of the original tumor that’s for research purposes only. They actually inject tissue samples from my tumor into lab mice. Can’t stop thinking about those poor mice, but I get it. And if it helps figure this thing out before our daughter is grown…well, sorry, mice.

By the way, when I went in for my original biopsy at Northside Hospital, not having been diagnosed yet, I agreed to give blood for a cancer study – it was totally…

A Great Day

First, my bone scan and CT scan from yesterday came back clean, with no evidence of cancer in my bones or organs!

Second, we’ve found our oncologist.