Follow-Up with Dr. Woods

2-1/2 weeks after my exchange surgery, Dr. Woods cleared me for physical therapy and the swimming pool.  Next week, I can run with a tight bra and sleep without one.  He wants me to wait another month for “extensive use” of my arms.

Regarding the unevenness, it’s too early to tell if it will get worse – there’s still some swelling and the radiated skin may loosen up.  The fact that I can feel the implants move when I bend or twist sounds like something I’ll have to get used to.  Dr. Woods said that gaining another 10lbs would rectify that, and I’m sure hoping that doesn’t happen.

Finally, he suggested liposuction to fill in the sunken areas above the radiated side and my port scar on the right.  I won’t say never (it would be insurance-covered, after all!), but standing naked in front of someone while he chooses which part of me is fattest?  Torture, plain and simple.

I did laugh when he said, “I haven’t seen your bottom, but…” And then described how you stand with your legs spread and your hands against the wall – the fat is removed – then they turn you over….

I wanted to plug my ears and yell, “Blah, Blah, Blah!” to drown out the rest.

Enough with the plastic surgery talk!  I really like Dr. Woods and highly recommend him.  I just want a break.

We agreed to meet again in late August, after I’ve had some time to live with things as they are.  We’ll talk then about what, if anything, I want to “fix.”


The Important Stuff

Surgery to exchange my tissue expanders for permanent implants is this Friday, but we have WAY more important things to do today.

Like celebrate this young lady’s 9th birthday.

We couldn’t be more proud of our sweet, adventurous, funny girl.
And of ourselves for making it through 9 years of parenthood!

The First 8 Birthdays – where has the time gone?!

Cozying up with Sam and what looks like a dead, furry pink animal,
but is actually PBTeen’s “Fur-rific Lounge Around Pillow.”

Which explains the pink fur that may still be hanging off of Joey’s Brooks Brothers pants at work today.