March Festivities

Behold the contraption with which Dr. Woods fills my expanders every two weeks.  The saline solution is pumped in through a needle that he sticks in the middle of … well, again, thankfully I’m still numb there.
Saline solution fill for tissue expandersI’m getting more and more lopsided – my right expander has fallen – but, like the fact that my arms now rest on the sides of my boobs, Dr. Woods said, “I will fix that!”  (I think he could put them on top of my head if that’s what I wanted.)  Apparently, a few well-placed incisions and stitches during the exchange surgery and I will have “beautiful results.”  Glad he’s confident.

As for the sunken areas on my upper chest – several ladies in my support group said theirs were filled in with belly fat – Dr. Woods thinks mine will fill out enough with the implants.  So, no tummy tuck, but I’ll be able to avoid a second surgical site.  If I’m not happy, though, that’s an option for later.

Later that afternoon, we welcomed my mom and stepdad from Virginia!

I taught my first Zumbatomic® classes at the Northeast Cobb YMCA.  Not sure the Friday time slot will work – our first sunny Spring afternoon, and there was just one kid.  He received quite the welcome!  My mom and kids were troopers, though, and let me practice on them.  Fun to teach in the same studio where I’ve taken classes for years.  Click here for my schedule.

While our kids enjoyed grandparents-time, Joey and I headed south to run/slide/crawl/climb/splash through the 5K Foam Fest.  Happily, my left arm and newly-inflated boobs (and the rest of me) made it over the obstacles.  Thank you, honey, for being my spotter!
5K Foam FestAnd thank you to Joey’s coworkers for letting me play!  Go, Team Horizontal Runners!
Horizontal Runners at 5K Foam FestSunday
Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Birthday to my beloved Mom!  Leprechaun traps*, ridiculous headgear and spectacular GiGi’s cupcakes, compliments of my mom’s dear friends in Richmond.

*Our tenderhearted children, by the way, refuse to call their traps “traps.”  Sam wrote on his, “It’s a hotel – I swar!  Cross my hart, hope to die, stik a needle in my eye.  I just want to be your friend!”Happy Birthday, Mom!Jerry = Best Leprechaun ever
Annual Lucky Charms - gourmet!Leprechaun Traps


  1. Very impressed with the level of exercise!!

  2. Judy Watkins says:

    Great photos! Foam Fest looks like a lot of fun. I should suggest it to the Sports Backers here in Richmond. Glad you were able to compete in it!



  3. As usual, you continue to amaze me. I’m so happy that you are seeming to have fun, even with the “boob stuff”. Take care. Hugs and love