All is good!

The radiologist at Emory is “almost 100%” certain that the lumps in my chest are cysts.  Which, of course, is infinitely better than cancer and a little less gross than “fat necrosis.”

There are 3 – the one that feels irregular on my upper chest is actually 2 small ones.  Seeing them on ultrasound made me feel better, too – they show up as almost-black circles, with no areas lit up with blood flow.  I’m no doctor, but they look more like the harmless seroma I had after surgery than my original tumor.

Next week – in between 2 end-of-year class parties, 1 play, 1 Math Carnival, 3 Zumba classes, physical therapy, and taxi service to an audition, tumbling, Girl Scouts, recital rehearsal and swim team – I will go back for a fine-needle aspiration biopsy of all 3.

Thank you for your concern!


  1. Great news! And on to a very enjoyable summer.

  2. AREBA!!!….take a breath and do something for YOU … Love you

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