One Year After Chemo

Wishing that all cancer fighters could be so lucky.



  1. I’ll second that wish!

  2. LOVE this post!!

  3. Cathy Ritter says:


    You are an inspiration.. nothing less..

    Cathy Ritter in Richmond, Va

  4. Claudia Johnson says:

    Inspiring, for sure! It’s wonderful to see such happiness! Love you!

  5. You are amazing-you look great!
    We were all together for my Gayher’ 90th birthday this past weekend. I will sent some pictures.
    Kurt is holding up really well and is continuing his treatments. He experienced a sensitivity to the sun at one of the kids soccer games even though he was in the shade. I’m sure it was his treatments that cused the bad sunburn. Don’ know if you dealt with any of that?

    Kurt is looking forward to his Aunties coming this week!


  6. Not many words required !! A super proud mom – grateful to the moon and back for this young lady.

  7. Judy Watkins says:

    Same great smile, same great attitude. Just more hair, a better skin palor and bushier eyebrows. What a difference a year makes! You look great!

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