“Wene my mom had canser”

Every day when our children get home from school, I go through their backpacks.


  1. It is amazing what our children grasp from experiences. This one is a keeper for sure! The ending and result is the best! Love, Chip and Family.

  2. "Cousin" Penny Chase says:

    I’d make a copy of Sam’s book report and give it to one of your nurses in the oncologist”s or other treatment professional’s office.. It’s a teaching tool that could never be invented except by the child. It gives the professional an insight into how the disease affects “the patient” outside of their office or the hospital, and will help them to help others cope and have faith and hope.

    And maybe you’ll write a children’s book oone of these days, Nicole, drawing on your rich internal strengths and positive point of view. I’m sure that’s why you have healed, –and you can share that precious attitude with other mothers who are afraid or confused as to how to deal with their kids as they go through treatment.. I could see kids Zumba being a part of the story!

  3. WOW – you know it don’t get much better than this – a proud grand’ma’ and mom. Love you all

  4. Precious boy!

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