Pirates – 3rd Birthday

To welcome our young guests for my son’s 3rd birthday, I used the poster part of The Backyardigans Party Game to make a sign for our front door.  I also taped paper pirate hats to the people in artwork and photos around the house.

Once the children entered, they saw our dining room set up with treasure boxes for them to decorate.  I found fun pirate fabric at Hancock Fabrics to use as a table cover.  Baby-wipe containers spray-painted with Krylon Fusion for Plastic served as the kids’ treasure chests.  $1 baby wipes from Dollar Tree supplemented my supply left over from our kids’ diaper days.

I like for kids to see something that’s just for them, so I personalized the treasure chests with pirate nametags ahead of time and then the kids decorated them with foam pirate stickers, sparkly tape and jewels, all from Oriental Trading.

99 cent Pirate Costumes!
An incredible deal – still available as I write this - from Little Tykes.  I wasn’t planning on dressing the kids, but I snatched these up when I found them.  They’re comfortable and they fit kids 2-4, at least.  My children used them for a couple of years before I resold them at a consignment sale. 

Simple, Fun Pirate Activities
First, each child used Captain Hook’s hook to fish beads out of a big jug (I used one of those plastic barrels that pretzels come in at Costco).

Then, we spread out 6 sheets or so of blue poster board and lay a 2×4 over it.  Remarkably, I had found inflatable alligator (crocodile?) pool toys at Dollar Tree.  Each child walked the plank while the rest of us made chomping motions with our arms.

Before the party, we dragged our Step 2 sandtable into our master bathroom.  After burying gold coins and more beads in clean sand, I drew a big X on a piece of paper, taped it to the lid and closed it all up.  At some point during the party – probably when things were getting wild - I told the kids to look around the house for treasure, which would be marked with an X.  They brought their treasure boxes and filled them up.


Pirate Food and Picture Books
Backyardigans party supplies decorated the kitchen, where I’d set up kid-sized tables and chairs.  Pirate ship-shaped pb&j, blue Gogurt and goldfish made a water scene on black sparkly plates from Dollar Tree.  My husband, a terrific storyteller, read books during lunch:  Pirate Treasure (Backyardigans), Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC, Do Pirates Take Baths?

While my husband entertained the children, I hid their treasure boxes in a big cardboard box and put a bunch of Backyardigans balloons over them, covered the whole thing with a sheet and another X.  I’d also added a bag of chocolate gold coins from Trader Joe’s tied with a note that said “Thanks for coming to Luke’s party.”

As the children were finishing up cake (Backyardigans from Publix), I told them some sneaky pirates had stolen their treasure boxes. They ran around until they found the box and uncovered their treasure.