A Little Doodle to Pass the Time

These tear-off doodle pads are a great buy at Costco now for $6.89 each.  I bought three – Doodles at Breakfast, Doodles at Lunch and Doodles at Dinner - at Anthropologie months ago and paid much more, I’m sure.

There are simple instructions for drawing the U.S. Capitol, a unicorn or a quarterback.  Best for readers, each sheet also includes a fun fact – did you know that mice prefer chocolate over cheese, or that a baby crocodile uses a tiny tooth on his nose called an egg tooth to break out of his shell?

Great for the car or dining out, they also came in handy in my daughter’s first-grade classroom recently – I tore out a sheet for each child who finished an art project early.

Check out illustrator/writer Deborah Zemke’s other products here at her website.  What a talent!