I Love Fast Food

When I’m trying to cram in a week’s worth of exercise and errands in the 2 hours and 50 minutes that my son’s in preschool.  When I reach towards the backseat and wonder whether goldfish or gummies are more effective against a hunger headache.  When I wish I could stomach anything at McDonalds other than a large Diet Coke.

$3.99 Summer Roll or $4.99 Avocado Salad Roll at Publix

If the grocery store is on my to-do list, I pick up one of these rolls in the Publix sushi department.  Sugar is more a concern for me, personally, than salt, so I skip the sweet, gooey sauce and use low-sodium soy sauce.

Starbucks Artisan Snack Plates, $4.95 each

Also convenient is Starbucks’ Protein plate, especially if there’s a drive-thru nearby.  A hard-boiled egg so perfect it looks fake, apples, grapes, white cheddar cheese slices and a bready-raisiny thing with peanut butter.  The Fruit, Nut & Cheese plate is good, too, but seems less like a meal, despite the higher calorie count.When I’m on top of things, I duplicate the Protein plate at home, substituting a Thomas’ whole wheat mini bagel for the meusli bread, and pack it all in a cooler for the car.  If I eat the apples and cheese slices together, I can almost imagine I’m in Napa overlooking a vineyard.

And then a Target shopping cart rolls into my minivan.


  1. You crack me up…………in a very good way !