Making a Diaper Cake

A big box of diapers is my standard gift to new parents.  This time, I remembered the somewhat cheesy diaper cake I received when I was pregnant, and thought my kids would get a kick out of helping me make one for our family friend who just had a baby.

This “How To Make a Diaper Cake” video is very good, as it leaves open lots of possibilities for creativity.  But I was pressed for time and found even a simplified version works well.

I picked up a box of 92 Pampers Swaddlers from Target and rubber bands from Office Max - #16 and #117.  I made the 3 cake layers out of diapers only, wrapping each diaper with a #16 band.  One large rubber band per layer held the rolled diapers together – I ended up with 46 on the first layer, 31 on the second, and 15 on the top.

I used a plastic party tray from Party City that I already had as the base.  A ribbon tied around each layer covered the rubber bands (thicker ribbon would be better).  And leftover party favors worked as decorations – hibiscus flower clips from Oriental Trading on top and baby girl rubber duckies from Hobby Lobby around the base.

Not terribly sophisticated, but useful for the mom and fun for my kids to deliver.