Leap Day

Spent most of the day having a bone scan and CT scan of my chest/abdomen/pelvis.  Results in 2 days.  Home in time to meet the bus.

Received these really beautiful flowers and a lovely note from “friends of your Mom.”  Thank you so much!

Also caught up with my dear friend Kris.  We met in our early 20′s, when we were both hostesses in Buckhead.  Only I had a day job, too, at an ad agency.  Somehow I managed both jobs while still going out with Kris to dance clubs at night (and now we’re in our 40′s doing Zumba - hah!).

All – I feel the good vibes!


  1. Dan Johnson says:

    Hey Nicole!

    I can’t say enough about your strength. I came across an interesting video on Crossfit.com (go to the site and scroll down to wed’s workout picture, under the picture there’s a link to a video entitled “always fighting”, click on the compatable player). It’s about a woman who was diagnosed with the exact same (triple negative, 2A, no spread to other lympnodes) and how she’s managed to fight through it. I know things right now are as tough as life will ever be but I’m sending strength, prayers, and a Carpe Diem attitude you’re way everyday.


  2. Aunt Edna says:

    i’m sure all of this is a bit overwhelming, not to mention stressful, but you are such a strong person, and your positive attitude will help greatly. Love you. You’re in my prayers.

  3. I had two jobs in my early twenties too! I was an industrial engineer by day and worked in “intimate apparel” at a department store, nights and weekends. I was already married so no dance clubs for me (which was fine by me!) Praying for good news from all of those scans. Have you made any decisions about the clinical trials?
    Take care – Mara

    • Karen Parks says:

      Hi, my name is Karen and I work with your Aunt Noreen. I had breast cancer at age 46 (six years ago) and I am doing great even though at the time that I was going through treatment I didn’t know if I would ever feel good again. It seems like you have wonderful doctors and great family support. Your attitude is so positive! A bible verse that really helped me was Jeremiah 29 : 11. Take care. I keep you in my prayers daily and will continue reading your posts.


      • Karen – Thank you so much for your well wishes! I’m so glad you’re doing great!