Cancer is a Good Cure for Vanity

So itchy!  Legs, arms, feet, hands and stomach.  If it moves to my face, it will have to compete for space with the acne.

I am going to look HOT in my bathing suit on St Thomas!

Feeling blue last night, I got the most encouraging message from a young woman who has just completed this same trial (she is cancer-free) and it was so timely and so appreciated!

Thank you to all of you for the comments, emails, phone calls, cards – they really mean a lot, and sometimes come at just the right time.



  1. Hang in there Nicole….thinking of you

  2. Seems like a good time to re-read Judy Blume’s Freckle Juice! Wish those magic potions really worked. Maybe the kids could have fun mixing up an anticdote for you. Hang in there.

  3. Like you said, at least you know that the stuff is in there doing its thing.

  4. WOW! Well, wouldn’t that basically rule out any concerns you may have had about being in the placebo group? Clearly, you’ve got the hard-working stuff on board! And, how lovely that you have this wise and experienced oncologist who is caring and available to you. It sounds like a bumpy, but otherwise perfect weekend. Thanks for sharing — love the green pee (and glad THAT wasn’t one of the side effects…)

  5. Yikes! That looks miserable! Glad to hear that you were still planning to do the Zumba class anyway. . . You go girl!

    Always, Grammy