It’s 3:51am. Hard-boiled egg whites, anyone?

I woke up starving…must be a good sign!

4th day after 1st chemo infusion and doing ok.  Fighting nausea.  Reached new levels of tiredness.  Huffing and puffing to walk around our block is hard to accept.  But, this weekend I managed to drive Sara to a Girl Scouts event, watch Sam play baseball (and get a game ball for outrunning a bigger kid to third base!), and walk to a family dinner at a friend’s house, where I ate chicken, fruit and a tiny bit of pizza crust – a feast!Thank you, Jennifer!

Next up for this week: a visit to a wig shop with Sara, schedule a port (device to be surgically implanted into my chest, to avoid the multiple vein sticks before infusions), limited driving and a few short walks.  And shopping for sun hats – I step outside and my face gets red and blotchy.  My trusty, straw cowboy hat is cool on the beach, but ridiculous at Publix.

And, Saturday the 21st is my amazing husband’s birthday.  Any kudos I get for being “brave” or ”positive” are because he’s here beside me.

Thank you all for checking in on us!


  1. Claudia Johnson says:

    Hi Nicole,

    I’m just checking on you, and sending lots of love from me and my “boys” and their ladies! We look so forward to seeing you at the wedding! God Bless!

    Aunt Claudia

  2. Happy Birthday to Joey this weekend. :)

  3. You are such a remarkable lady. What an asset you are to the Black family. You, Joey, Sara and Sam are always in my prayers and my thoughts. I admire you so much. Hugs and love, Aunt Edna

  4. Carri Gaudion says:

    Thinking of you!

    • Thank you for checking on me, Carri! I’m doing great. Keep running and writing about it!

  5. Gail Joyner says:

    Nicole, Have you thought of using your Mom’s gorgeous, expensive blonde wig!! ??? It would certainly jolt Joey after a hard day at work, to see his lovely brunette wife greet him at the door???? Just a thought! You remember she hated it and hardly wore it!!?? LY

    • Ha! Maybe I should try it! But “gorgeous” is not what comes to mind when I think of it! She looked so much better just in her scarves! I’m thinking long and red….Can’t wait to see you in May!

      • Yea, that ‘gorgeous’ wig was only gorgeous on the foam head stand !! HA!! I wore it once and pulled it off that first time after church in the church parking lot on a hot summer day…..Scarves are good …. Scarves are cool (as in temperature) and so much cheaper; faster to wash and dry; require no styling!! But you gotta love those wig prescriptions – cranial prosthetic – Holy Cow – I nearly had one when I saw that. Love you guys

  6. Judy Kane says:

    Just a short note to let you know I’m sending the best possible thoughts your way during this. I’m an old friend of your mother’s from former Anthem days. I catch up on your blog once a week, and think you’re doing great. Keep up the super attitude and the wonderful sense of humor!

    • Judy, thank you so much for reaching out! It HELPS!

    • Thank you Judy !! Such a nice note to Nicole. See ya’ soon for lunch. (you think she got any of that sense of humor from her mom – ha ha ) Cindy a.k.a. Mom