Cast Your Vote!


  1. I bet Sara and Sam had a blast shopping with you! #2 and 8 are very “naturally you.” I really like #3. It is amazing how much you, Sara and Sam look alike when you all go blonde. Have fun with it….and keep your stash of scarves.

  2. #7 and the smile…make sure you keep that smile…

  3. Toooo funny! I think it is great you posted these and I like #7 bestest but you should definitely pick the one you like best! Love ya and see you in May!

    Auntie Noreen

  4. Chip Chase says:

    Hey Nicole…. I’m a fan of #2 and #7. I am also a bald is beautiful, tight to the scalp kind of guy! Whatever you decide will be beautiful…..

  5. Christine P says:

    I love 2 and 7. But I always say that bald is beautiful!

  6. Cousin Cole says:

    #2 looks like the unibombers hat so I’d recommend #7.

    All of you have perfect smiles. :)

  7. I have to keep looking at all of the pictures. That #4 of Sam is so adorable–you should frame it for later years. :) I still like 3 and 7. Love you. Hugs, Aunt Edna

  8. Kim Grimes says:

    Number 4 is adorable but we like number 2!!
    Love Abby and Sophie

  9. I like 1, really like 3 and 7 also. 2 if you need a hat. I know you will look great in any one you choose. Hugs and love.

  10. Jerry Costin says:

    #1 is stunning… that’s my vote

  11. I think #2 is just you :) I really like #7 and #1 is just FUN!
    I also think you will look great bald ;)
    Love all the happy faces, let us know which one you pick.

  12. Kris Wilkins says:

    I love them all but 1,2 and 6 are my favs. I say different hair for different moods. Let face it that is want every girl wants, here is your chance. When you feel like being a dumb blonde, be one!

  13. What fun! #7 is a sure thing, but I LOVE #3 too! Also agree with the hat and scarf/do rag comments — you can totally rock the headwear scene!

  14. I love all of your comments, dear friends! FYI, Sara’s fave is #2. Joey claims to prefer #3 and #7 (same wig, different colors), but leers when he looks at #6, which is his mini-me Sam’s favorite. (Men!!!)

    As for me, I’m hoping I’ll be brave enough to rock the bald look, but I’ll definitely pick up at least one of these, just in case I’m not. Thank you for helping us make the best of all of this – it’s such a gift!

  15. That might just be the old, conservative guy vote though, so feel free to disregard and live it up some :)

  16. 4 is awfully cute, but I’m going with 7.

  17. Nicole Robertson says:

    I love #7 and #8. You look gorgeous!

  18. Well don’t you look fabulous! I like #7 and #8. Paul says you should go blonde or red so he votes for #6.

  19. #2 and #7 are my favorites but you look amazing in all of them!

  20. My vote is #2 and #3 brown/warm tones look best on you……#3 is pretty sexy ; ) Although #4 makes you look a LOT younger LOL

  21. I love all of them them and you would look awesome in a dude rag!!

  22. Kim Rice says:

    Nicole- with your smile you look so pretty in any of them! I do like the color on #3 though! I do think you look so much like your mom in #5! :-)

    • Isn’t that color pretty !! Too bad we don’t have a front view….yes, @5 is scary – count that one out Nicoley :-) LY

  23. Love #7 and Liam says #2. I also really like #1 only because I think it would be fun to be a blonde!! You have such a beautiful smile and are so photogenic!!

  24. I feel like I’ve seen you in at least 1/2 of these shades before — which just goes to say that you can rock anything you want! Loving the candor and spirit of your posts. Our prayers are with you!

    • Pam, you’re right – at least half!! Probably covered the others as a teenager.

      • You did…. and it wasn’t real pleasant…..but it was better than the black eyeliner and I was always thankful that you didn’t come home with any body parts pierced (you didn’t , DID YOU?)

  25. #7 looks is my fave, but several look great.

    and for the record, #9 would be perf if it was still 1977 (unless it’s your fave, in which case, it’s awesome).

  26. Claudia Johnson says:

    The first question I have is which was the most comfortable to you? #s 1 and 8 were very similar, right, just different colors – both looked very nice. It seemed to come across in the pictures that you liked #s 2 and 7. #1 is my favorite, Nicole. What a good sport Sam was! What terrific smiles! I actually wore wigs in the early 70′s. Love you!! What a great gal you are! Claudia

  27. Love # 2 – probably looks the most like you – but might be fun to try someting new – maybe get a couple – have some fun with it! Looks like you already have been!

  28. Gail Joyner says:

    I think #2 for a “conservative-kinda like you anyway look”, and #3 for a” Vav-Va-Voom out of the box look.” It’s hard to tell because the pose is different, but you might end up in scarves anyway..Ha!! #2 and #7 look very similar….Go crazy, get 2 of them! Joey can have fun waking up with different women every day!! Love ya’

  29. I love how much fun you and your kids had with this. I love 7! I agree with the first lady comment on 3 but the color is pretty. So curious as to what you pick!

  30. I think I am with Mara – number 7 style and it looks like maybe it is “kissed by the sun” whereas 8 does not..but I do love the color for summer of #3 (always have liked you with the red!! (even when I didn’t approve when you were 14 (grin) Did Sara and Sam have a favorite (I hope it was fun having them there?) I think if you put your hat on with number 7, Kathy would see you as she always does (or very similar as # 2) When I look at #5 I almost feel like I am looking at myself!! HA HA NO TOO BLONDE!! So funny tho – I hope there was a bit of comic relief with the day – very proud of you. Can’t wait to see what you pick and what Joey and the kids think. Sam is a scream – did Sara try any on? Is #6 attached to the hat – you look quite beautiful – like one of the Swedish pro golfers on the tour !! (Of course you are anyway)

    what was your favorite?

  31. #1 is pretty but I think I like #8 the best. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  32. Kathy Barnett says:

    Love, Love, Love! Number 2 is so you! I think number 8 is great too. I love number 9 but it so different than your normal style but you look so gorgeous in it!!! Can’t wait to hear which one was Sara and Sam’s favorite and which one you decided on.

  33. Oh my goodness, that is awesome!!! #3 looks too much like Joey is running for President and that is your First Lady hair do. And I’m amazed at how different you look in #9.

    My true favorite is #7. Glad to see those smiles on your face and hoping that means you are feeling pretty good.