Thank you for all of the wig comments!  Very entertaining!  My favorite was #3 – in red – but I also liked #1 because of Sara’s sweet comment, “We match!”

People in the know have said that when your hair actually falls out, you just want to look like yourself, so I’m in no hurry to choose.  My hair continues to thin, but it isn’t coming out in clumps yet (and may not until I get the drug Taxol in July).  Also, I’d hoped to donate my ponytail to Locks of Love, but unless 80′s rat tails are in demand, there will not be much to send!

11 days after my first chemo infusion and I feel great.  Still on the daily chemo pill at half-dose.  20 years of calluses are literally falling off of my feet, which is both fascinating and gross, and I have some minor stomach issues.  But, I’m eating normally (actually, our whole family is eating better than ever, thanks to the generosity of friends!).  And I took a Zumba class this weekend and mowed the lawn, so I’m looking forward to getting some exercise before we go back to Emory – May 2 for port, May 3 for chemo #2.

More from last week:
WinkJoey, Mystery Reader Extraordinaire, reading to Sam’s class.
Thanks to the buddies who played golf and tennis with him during his birthday weekend!

DSCN0673Sara and I before Girl Scouts’ Mother/Daughter Bingo,
which we went to in our pj’s.

Thank you for checking in on us!



  1. Gail Joyner says:

    Sounds like things are progressing well for you inbetween treatments. I know the kids are happy to share in your journey-giving them what they need to be comfortable, yet keeping their schedules as normal as possible. So glad you will be able to come to the wedding and enjoy this blessed event. See you soon…..

  2. If I remember correctly, #3 was my favorite also. The side view? I just like the style. :0 Hugs and love all the time. Aunt Edna

  3. Hi Nicole, Joey, Sara and Sam, ‘Just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you. Love and hugs Aunt Edna

  4. Thanks for another update. The pictures are so cute. I hope you aren’t going to over-do it with all the activity, but I’m sure you know how to pace yourself. What a neat and loving family. ‘Wish I could have visited with y’all New Year’s Day when Cole, Margaret and the girls had the opportunity. Lots of hugs and love—-and prayers. Aunt Edna

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous week! Happy belated to Joey, I’m glad he had a fun birthday. You look great in all your pictures with the wigs and I love everyone’s comments. The red one is such a beautiful color but the brunettes are striking too. I like you hair or no hair, you are still super sweet and caring inside. See you soon!

  6. WONDERFUL update !! THANKS HON – and thank you EVERYONE for your continued support of this awesome family :-) Joey’s expressions are extraordinary (as usual), Sam delightful in his full-head ‘mask’; Sara and you ‘cozy’ and beautiful and glowing in your p.j.s – see you soon and thank you for eating! I bet zumba was not easy – you are a trooper – don’t overdo !! LOVE LOVE LOVE