Ghost writer

Nicole is already snoozing away after a long day at Emory, so I get to be the ghost-writer tonight!


  1. Talley Hultgren says:

    Thinking of you! You will sail through this! The port is a wonderful thing, promise it will be better next time! Cheering you on always!

  2. Renee Maples says:

    Thinking of you guys. Thanks for keeping us updated Joey. Prayers for you both.

  3. Gail Joyner says:

    Hang in there, “Mr. Nicole”! We know this isn’t easy for you either, but your entire family is “Poster Boy” material for turning Lemons into Lemonade….See you soon. (Thanks for the update.) Gail and Family

  4. Thanks, Joey.

  5. I LOVE the beautiful sign that must have come with a lovingly-prepared meal. How wonderful that you are surrounded by so much love. Thank you for the update Joey — hugs to all!