In Sickness & In Health

A friend who just finished chemo told me to plan fun things for the “good week” in my treatment cycle.


  1. I need to commend you on your ongoing efforts to celebrate the good, endure the bad and laugh at the ugly parts of this journey! WOW! You are my hero in new ways every day. Keep the faith, sisterfriend!

  2. Claudia Johnson says:

    Hi Nicole,

    I am thinking about you…along with many, many other folks who love you.

    Maybe this will put a smile on your face: It’s a sunny day. Stone Preston Goodman is sitting on the sand (first time, mind you) at Virginia Beach. He looks perplexed. What is this grainy stuff? He pats it, he picks it up, he tosses it. Oops! There it goes, oh no, – a big handful into his mouth. Raqui quickly moves to scoop it out! Welcome, Stone Preston, to the beach!

    I wish you the best tomorrow! Love you!

    Aunt Claudia

  3. Good luck tomorrow. Hope this one allows you a couple of enjoyable weeks, too.

  4. Hey there, I’ve been thinking of you and so sorry that you are fighting something else now!!! I know that you have help but please let me know if we could grab the kids for play time or a trip to the pool. Maia and Nick would love the opportunity! Also, anything you might need…please let me know! Cheers to knocking out that nasty bug:)

  5. Gail Joyner says:

    Hang in there for this “lemon time”. The “lemonade” will be on its way! So glad you all were able to be in Pungo! What a great weekend with a great family! LY

  6. Ugh! Tough start to your week. I’m glad you had a great trip last weekend. Dancing at weddings is the best!! Please call me if you need me to grab something at the stores for you or need help with anything/anyone. I’d be glad to lend a hand anytime. Good luck today.

  7. Love you guys – I’m so sad you all are not feeling well and hope the feet are a bit better too…..? Do you need ANYTHING AT ALL? mom and J