Like many families surprised by disease – who can afford a fancy new juicer and plenty of fresh produce – we’ve jumped on the juicing bandwagon.


  1. Cathy Ritter says:


    I am one of your mothers friends from Richmond and i really like reading your blog, your stories are wonderful and above all inspirational. I especially love the story and pictures of your husband drinking Green Juice. My husband bought a juicer a couple months ago and makes a drink everyday with the same ingredients listed… I can not drink it, i tried, I wish i can… If you create a combination that taste good please put it on the blog. You, your mom and your family are always in my prayers….


  2. Cole should know, he drinks some weird stuff. lol Love him just the same. I don’t think I’ll get a juicer. :) Love you Nicole.

  3. Christine says:

    I’ve never seen someone make his actual face look like a caricature. And here Joey’s managed to create THREE!

    I’d been contemplating getting a juicer. Am now having second thoughts…

    • He missed his calling… We actually love it! And I’ve figured out that 1 lime, 1/2 lemon and an apple improves everything considerably. Last night it was bok choy and kale, greens we don’t eat otherwise.

  4. I love his facial expressions! They are very convincing!!

  5. Jerry Guyant says:

    This is for Joey. Next time try it with a good Cigar. I suppose this will “inspire” Nicole’s Mom and me to get a Juicer too. Better start looking for some recipes that taste good.

  6. You don’t drink it for the flavor, and a recipe doesn’t help. Just drink it fast :)

  7. Gail Joyner says:

    Oh my! Good sport is right! Joey, YOU are the man!!!! I would have been OK if you had thrown in some strawberries, melons, and blueberries instead of kale…..As your Mom probably told you, we had to eat kale as kids..yuck! At least now you can cover up the taste. Ha!! This journey is adding all kinds of info to your “Brain Bank”. Always make certain that a “sense of humor” is at the top! LY. The march goes on!!!