The Week After Chemo #3

This was the first week after chemo that I’ve been on my own with the kids, who are now well into summer break.


  1. I love your website, I was googling teacher appreciation projects last night for something to do with the kids today, because I am an art teacher, parent volunteer too! I’m going to have the kids make cards, like you did. Drawings are always the best way to express themselves. Your projects are awesome! I love the purple one eyed monster. I just want you to know that I love your blog, and thank you for posting. You are an inspiration, and I want to send you lots and lots of strength and support and zapping cancer power that I can from my little part of the world.

  2. Nicole, you are making the rest of us look bad! My whole house was still in their pj’s until after 11:00! I am so glad to hear the tumor is shrinking and completely amazed at all the things you are doing. (you deserve a medal for Chuck E. Cheese!)

  3. Sounds like a fun typical summer day. So glad you are able to carry on as usual, and who says an afternoon nap isn’t well-deserved (albeit necessary) Ha!! Of course with two exceptionally well-behaved little ones, you can really rest! We are having awesome weather here, and hope you are too! Great to have the combination of little ones, and water!! Enjoy!!

  4. Big thumbs up!!!

  5. Oh, yesterday would have been your granddaddy Black’s birthday. I’d guess somewhere between 90 and 95. :)

  6. Nicole, I have to say you are one “fabulously” amazing lady, mom and wife. I know you are proud of Sara and Sam, and Joey too. You deserve SOOO much credit. Love you lots, Aunt Edna