Day 3 after Chemo #4

The nausea is worse this time.  Perhaps it was my pre-infusion feast Thursday.

Thank goodness for the friendly visitors (below) to my bedroom, where I’ve spent much of the past 3 days, and for Joey’s sister, “Aunt Carla,” who was here helping us this week.  Also, for the continued loving support from all of you – it lifts our spirits and has helped us arrive at “HALFWAY DONE WITH CHEMO!”

Looking forward to an upswing today.  And no more Cisplatin!
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  1. I’m so sorry you’re having problems with the last dose. Cole, Margaret and the girls are coming Friday. Reid and Laura are flying from Texas next Tuesday. We’ll all be together at some point. Take care. We ALL love you lots. Hugs and love, Aunt Edna

  2. As an aside, your juicing inspired me to add a cup of kale to my daily strawberry-banana smoothie. It was surprisingly good!

  3. Yucky! I know tomorrow will be a better day! Hang in there! You have lots of folks out here in hot, drought country, pulling for a non-nausea day tomorrow!!

  4. Hoping that today is better.

  5. THANK YOU, CARLA !!! It’s hard to do, but drink drink drink, hon, to dilute that toxic stuff and get it out of you! You are always on our minds here in Virginia and if we can do anything at all, please let us know – in the meantime, let’s hope today the yuks start easing up. Love you much, mom and J