This last round of Cisplatin was tough!  Feel like I’ve had the flu for 5 days.  Not sure if it’s the cumulative effects of chemo or the Neulasta shot I had last Saturday.  Regardless, happy to be functioning again today.

And especially happy to share our kids’ delight as they released butterflies in our backyard this afternoon.
It was really quite magical.  Thank you, Aunt Carla.

Butterfly Release  Butterfly Release #3 Butterfly Release #2 Butterfly Release





Butterfly Whisperer


  1. Sorry you had a rough few days. I hope that’s the worst of it! Those photos are precious!! Love that you captured their expressions. We are here for the rest of the summer. Would love to have the kids come play one day. Not sure if Sam would but I’d love to have him if he would come. I’ll call or email.

  2. So glad you are feeling better….Sorry, but we are sending VERY warm temperatures your way. It was 106 today and will be in triple digits for a week. We are below our water table and the flowers are screaming, “Help me!”. Kids look like they are having a ball! Stay cool!

  3. Judy Watkins says:

    Wonderful photos. Glad you’re over the hump and feeling better.