Day 5 after Taxol #1

Doing well!  Slept most of last weekend while my hubby and in-laws held down the fort.  Functioning by Monday.

My biggest complaint after Taxol #1 was the feet pain (I know – enough with the feet already!). But I’m sure that was from Sorafenib and walking the stairs to get my white blood cell count up before Thursday’s infusion.  It’s mostly reversed now.

I’ve also had bone pain from Saturday’s Neulasta shot.  Not sure why it’s hit me now (and not after the 1st two shots), but maybe that means it will actually work this time.  The aches are especially bad in my ankles, knees, thighs and hips.  I’m taking Hydrocodone, which helps a bit, but will try Claritin and Aleve today, as suggested on some online forums.

Nausea and other stomach-related fun lasted just a couple of days.

My hair “thinning,” however, has escalated.  Joey bought a trimming/shaving contraption today at Target, for when I just can’t take it anymore.  In the meantime, I’m trying out hats and scarves (and big earrings! and eyebrow pencils!), still imagining that a wig will be too hot.

Pillow, Day 4 after 1st Taxol

My pillow on Monday morning

Hairbrush, Day 5 after 1st Taxol

From my hairbrush, Tuesday

More poking and prodding for me of a different sort this week – I have my annual skin cancer screen tomorrow at the dermatologist.  And on Tuesday, July 24, we will meet with a new surgeon, Dr. William Barber, and plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph Woods.

Taxol #2 is scheduled for July 26.

Thank you for checking on us!




  1. Christine says:

    Oh, your many battle scars… The hair loss is just one more way of adding insult to injury. It’s someone’s idea of a cruel joke to take away a woman’s hair! Well, there’s nothing to do but wear it proudly and with confidence. Like everything else about you, I bet your head’s shape is beautiful!

  2. Gail Joyner says:

    Nicole, I am sure that Sam would be happy to draw “Pirate eyebrows” on your sweet face! Yes, big earrings are a must! Sara can make you some from one of her craft kits. Even the new colored masking tape can be made into a stunning ensemble! Hope soon your symptoms will dissipate and you will have a few days of recovering and “happy feet”. As always, our love and strength are blowing east to Georgia! Great seeing your Mom at Abby’s tournament! LY, Gail and Family

  3. Nicole, my heart just aches for all that you are going through. Don’t worry about what to put on your head, Honey, anything will look great on you. I’m just so concerned for your comfort and daily coping. Whew!! I stand amazed!!!. Love you, Aunt Edna

  4. Sandy Weber says:

    Nicole, your upbeat personality is such a plus on this road to recovery. Just remember,” this too shall pass”. My prayers are with you always. And I’ll ditto what was said previously–you will look fabulous in anything or nothing on your head.

  5. On November 24, 1970, you were born with not much more than a few strands of hair on your head that soon disappeared….the most beautiful, precious gift I have ever received and the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. You will always be that beautiful child – no matter what is, or is not, on your head. I love you very much, your Mom

  6. Judy Watkins says:

    Nicole – you will look beautiful with a scarf, hat, wig or nothing at all. Hang in there!