Just Another Day

Love the BeauBeau® head scarves at 4women.com!

BeauBeau head scarvesAnything to make her laughIMG_1258



Today, I am going to pick up my new hair and shop for new boobs.  What’s on your calendar?



  1. Kathy Barnett says:

    Loving Sara’s smile! Miss that sweet girl!

  2. Ask any guy — once the latter is installed, the former ain’t gonna matter. *smirk*

  3. Love the pictures. Attitude plays such an important part in illness, and you certainly have a good one going for you. I’m still so proud of you. I know there have been and probably be some really stressful and painful days, but as the saying goes, This, too, shall pass. And I know in my heart that you will be well again. What a pretty niece I have. :) Love each one of you. Aunt Edna

  4. Christine Pulliam says:

    What a coincidence! That’s what I am doing today! Don’t tell me that you’re having lunch with Elton John, too. That would just be weird.

    Great pictures!

    PS: Can I please just give you some of my boobs? I’d consider it my contribution to you during this ordeal, except you’d really be doing ME a favor! Oh, I wish!

    Love you, Lady!

  5. Gail Joyner says:

    Now, let’s see….How does that conversation start? Do you want small, medium, large or SUPER SIZE!!?? Sara, that is your color, Honey! What a delight she is….Watch out! I think you’ve got a SHOPPER there, Nicole!

  6. Love your attitude and spirit! Happy shopping!!!
    With much love,