8 Down, 0 To Go!

Yesterday, we put the kids on the bus and drove to Emory in rush-hour traffic.  I walked a few flights of stairs, but probably didn’t need to – my wbc count was 5133 (compared to 486 at its lowest)!  That, and a Neulasta shot today, should put me in good shape for surgery.

After labs, we saw Dr. O’Regan, Kate the Great and our trial coordinator.  And then spent 4 hours with our favorite chemo nurse, Diana.

Finally, after 8 IV infusions and 24 weeks of a daily chemo pill, it was my turn to ring The Bell.

Like most infusion centers, Emory has a bell that patients ring to celebrate their last treatment.  The nurses all stop what they’re doing and applaud.  I saw huge smiles from so many people who have helped us during the past few months.

It’s over in a second, but it’s symbolic and emotional.  Sweet Sara asked if we could take her out of school so she could be there, so we made her a video instead.

Many appointments coming up, but that’s for another day.



  1. Smiles are so contageous! Yours, the nurses, friends, our children….we are all smiling with you :)

  2. Christine says:

    Whoo-Hoo!!! And what a nice, satisfying ring it has, too!

  3. What a fantastic moment! You inspire me in so many ways, you are a rock star!

    Cheers to a very bright future,

    The Gillens

  4. Awesome!!!!!!…….so impressed with how you’ve powered through the past 24 weeks with such a positive and inspirational attitude. I think we heard the bells way out here unless that was Cole;-)

  5. Greg & Ann says:

    Love you, brave niece! Joey and the kids, too.

  6. So proud of you nickel pickle! You inspire me daily! I think of you often and brag about all your big steps when I’m at work! I also tell about how brave you are through the uphill rocky parts too. I have no idea how hard this has been on you guys, but I can say this… I truely in all my years have not come across a more amazing and awe-inspiring family! Your “little unit” is amazing! And we all love you too!
    Love and gentle hugs:-)

  7. Kevin Gibson says:

    Much love to the Yates family – very inspired, reflective, and hopeful after reading your words. You’ve made a huge impact on many people’s lives by sharing your experience, and we are all in the crowd rooting for you the best we know how!

  8. sniff sniff

  9. Like Cole, my dear son, I am very proud also. You should be wearing a crown. ‘Wish I could be there to help out, but know you have a mountain of friends. My prayers will continue always. Love you lots, Aunt Edna

  10. We’re ringing bells for you, too!! Very happy to know that you are done with that phase and very proud of the way that you’ve dealt with it.