Halfway Point

Great news:

Dr. Barber – our surgeon just came by and said that his part is all done and that everything went very smoothly.  Also, even better: the area where the cancer was has been tested and no traces of cancer were found.  He said it appears that she had a “complete pathological response” to the chemo, which is the best possible news we could get.  Exactly what we were hoping for.  A few more hours of surgery now with Dr. Woods, who will do the reconstruction.

Thanks to all of you who are cheering her on today.  She is amazing and is doing great.  I’ll post again later when surgery is all done.



  1. Thanks for the update. I’ve been thinking about you guys today and saying lots of prayers. Definitely good news so far!

  2. That’s wonderful news, Joey. She is just too good a person not to have this great news. My prayers have been with the four of you since February. I know you have been “awesome” too, as it seems, Sara and Sam have too. What a terrifying experience for all of you. My prayers and love will continue for many years. With much love

  3. Awesome news!!! Thanks, Joey.

  4. Kris Wilkins says:

    Thank you so much for the up date. I have been thinking of you guys ALL day. She is such a trooper. That is the best news!!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!Cant wait to hug her, Kris