Surgery Done

What an excellent day in the battle against cancer.

Nicole is all done with her surgery and is in the recovery room, waking up from some good anesthesia.  By all accounts, everything went very smoothly.  Both doctors said that things went as well as they could have hoped for.  The highlight, of course, is hearing Dr. Barber say the magical phrase “complete pathological response”.  We’ll stay in the hospital overnight and can stay until Sunday if she wants to.

There is plenty left on her path – appointments, recovery, expansion, and another surgery around the end of the year to replace her expanders with implants –  but today is certainly a HUGE milestone.

Thanks again to everyone for the extraordinary support.



  1. Christine says:

    Been thinking of y’all constantly. I hope you all got settled back in at home well, and I hope Nicole is recovering.

    Love to you all!

  2. We have been thinking of all of you. I hope you are getting more comfortable today. You are and have been in my prayers.

  3. Nicole and Joey, I sincerely hope everything is going well, and that Nicole, isn’t much pain. I’m thinking and praying for each of you everyday. Hugs and love. Aunt Edna

  4. Great news!! I am so happy for both of you!

  5. Sandy weber says:

    Prayers are indeed answered! Good news, Nicole.

  6. Yeah! So good to hear! I hope today was a good one!

  7. Catherine Ritter says:

    Nicole and Joey,

    We have been praying for you and your family and we are so happy to read all the good news in the ‘post surgery’ blog.. We know it has been a hard road for Nicole, here is hoping for full recovery. Thank you for keeping us informed, please let Cindy and Jerry know they are in our prayers as well.

    Mark and Cathy Ritter

  8. I hope Nicole is doing as well as possible. I’m sure she has pain , and am hoping she’ll stay at least until tomorrow. Hugs and love, Aunt Edna

  9. Thanks for the update Joey. So glad to hear it went well.

  10. The Clements says:

    Great news! We are so happy for you all.

  11. So so so glad to hear the good news!!! Been sweating it all day and am so relieved and happy for y’all! I’m with you, Aunt Edna! Y’all should let them take care of you all for as long as they’re willing!

    –Much love to you all.

  12. Wonderful news!! So thankful this big hurdle is over and the results were so positive. Praying for her recovery and rest for you all!

  13. Thanks again, Joey.

  14. Brenda Williams says:

    Woo hoo good to hear!

  15. I’d opt for staying until Sunday, but I’m old.:) So glad all is going well.

  16. Melinda Costin says:

    That is great news!!! Our prayers are answered. We love you, Melinda & Jerry

  17. Kathy Barnett says:

    So glad it is over! Thanks Joey for all the updates!