10 Days Post-Op

I am drain-free!

I also have quite a bit more feeling in one side than I did a week ago, so when Dr. Woods pulled the drain out on the right, I cursed like a sailor.

Before that fun was my first expansion.  My male doctor inserted a huge syringe into the middle of each of my boobs and pumped saltwater into them to make them bigger.  While my husband watched.


Yes.  It’s like medieval torture.  For feminists.

Then there’s my new eyebrow stubble.  If I have a uni-brow in a month, it’s because I can’t bring myself to wax away the new hairs.

In the meantime, I’m taking walks, trying to keep my upper body still and learning to live without Hydrocodone.

Thank you for checking in!



  1. Jerry Guyant says:

    Thanks for doing this Blog, keeping us updated, and for your sense of humor throughout this ordeal. We are so proud of your putting up the good fight. May you see a speedy, complete recovery and a long healthy life.

  2. As a man, you really haven’t fully experienced life until you have spent time in a room with your wife and the man in charge of reconstructing her breasts. Talk about a surreal experience.

    One day at a time. Every day a little better.

    One lucky guy,


    • Wendi Chase says:

      Thanks Nicole for the update! I love your humor too. Sending updates and blogging makes you approachable to so many others that are going through the journey. Kurt is suffering some side effects, but has them under control with antibiotics and immodium.

      Sounds like you are on your way to a good recovery. Take care and hugs to your family.

      Love Wendi