Breast Cancer Awareness Month

First, I have to point out (again!) that I’ve been cancer-free since my 9/28 surgery.  But I still look like a cancer patient, which has made this month, in particular, a little surreal.

Cheeky Mexican TaqueriaI felt like a minor celebrity last Saturday when we went to a restaurant, where the walls were plastered with pink donation cards.  Certain a giant arrow was pointing to my bald head, I stood in front of them while we waited for our table.  The poor waiter was nervous when he gave us his fundraising spiel and Joey couldn’t help but point out that we are plenty aware (!!).  We did leave a big tip to try to make up for it.

And, then, incredibly, the couple at the next table – whom we didn’t know – bought our dinner!  We were informed of it only after they left, so, whoever you are, thank you!Atlanta 2-Day Walk

A really big thank you to my friends Stacy and Kim, both of whom fielded teams and raised money for the Atlanta 2-Day Walk this month.  And best wishes to Jill and Team Princess Warriors who have raised $36,619 for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day this weekend – we will be thinking of you!

Beaubeau scarves from 4women.comI, on the other hand, have been spending money.  Too much, perhaps, at, purveyor of the awesome BeauBeau® head scarves.  It’s probably my extensive collection that earned me the title of “October Beaudiva of the Month.”  Click here for my testimonial.

Philanthropic HensFinally, as a former ad exec, I was well aware of the marketing juggernaut that is Breast Cancer Awareness Month long before I became a spokesmodel.  But even I was surprised to see pink ribbons on our eggs.

Happy October!


  1. Your bravery, strength and perseverence continue to inspire everyone around you….and everywhere in the world thanks to the web! Don’t shy away from your spokesmodel celebrity status — you have earned it! PS — I can only imagine Joey’s passionate and unfiltered comment to the poor uninformed waiter!!! HA! Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your (FREE) dinner!!!