Kool-Aid Painting

The unseasonably warm weather we’re having reminded me of this toddler activity (art?) that yields Jackson Pollock-like results.

When I was pregnant with our first child, I worked at a daycare center with 2-year-olds.  The lead teacher was a wonderful lady and we had such fun with our tiny charges.  One day she announced that the kids were going to do “Popsicle Painting.”  She covered a table in the kitchen with craft paper, sprinkled different colored Kool-Aid powder on it, and gave each child a craft stick frozen in a chunk of ice.

Less than two years years later, I had my own daughter outside exploring the joys of melting ice and colored sugar.  It became a favorite warm weather activity for both of my kids.  My daughter loved the painting part and my son loved the licking-the-ice part.