What’s In Your Wallet?

To make check-in easier, radiation oncology patients at Emory have a card to scan when we arrive each day for treatment.

Funnier, though, is the “Device Identification Card” that I also carry in my wallet.  It says that my tissue expanders “may be detected by security screening devices.”  Thankfully, I didn’t have any trouble at the airport going to and from Virginia!

RadiationRadiation pillow
My first treatment was yesterday.  4o-minute drive each way, and I was there for an hour (subsequent treatments should be quicker).  A foam pillow that was shaped at my simulation appointment helps with positioning.  It hangs on a wall waiting for me.

I check in, undress from the waist up, put in my Pandora request and lay on my pillow with my left arm in an awkward position above my head.  Once a week I’ll get x-rays first, also for positioning.  Actual treatment is less than 10 minutes – they “turn the beam on” and, for me, it moves to 3 different angles.

I’ll do this every day at 11am, except Saturdays, Sundays, and Christmas Day, at least through December.  Wednesdays, I’ll also meet with Dr. Torres and she’ll check my skin.

Happy to be on a bike againThanksgiving
Last week was all about family.

Thank you to those who treated us to good food, our favorite outdoor activities and, as always, lots of love.  Several of our cousins made special trips to see us and we loved it!  Our thoughts continue to be with other family members who are facing extraordinary challenges.

Also, thank you to my sister-n-law for hosting a birthday celebration for me, and to all of our friends and family for the tremendous support the past year.  I’m happy to be 42!



  1. Okay, of all the fun you could have had last week, I’m sorry you were deprived of the opportunity to explain to a security guard what expanders are. You could have flashed your card and watched him turn red. Poor imaginary fellow!

    So glad you were able to travel and be with loved ones. I was thinking of you all. Happy Birthday!

  2. I’m so glad you, Joey, Sara and Sam could get together with Cole, Margaret, Hannah and Olivia. They love you and your family too. I’m envious that I couldn’t be there. You were all in my heart and thoughts, as always. I hope the coming weeks will not be uncomfortable for you. I talk to God every night about each of you. Hugs and Love, Aunt Edna