2012: Hair in Review


  1. Judy Watkins says:

    Your “do’s” all look great. Hang in there!



  2. Wow….12 months later, still flawless, still smiling. And still not a single wrinkle….what gives?!?

  3. You are so brave! I don’t have that many pictures taken of myself in a year! I think it’s amazing how great you wear your new “do”. Maybe you should stick with a pixie cut. Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year to you all! I am always so inspired by your messages and love your pictures! Thank you so much for the Christmas card!

  5. "Cousin" Penny Chase says:

    You are the best! Your Mom keeps me up to date. With such a light-hearted attitude I believe you’ll stay healed! Cousin Penny, Bucks County, PA

  6. Brett Gibson says:

    Always a great smile!

    Happy new year, Yates family! We’re inspired by you.