This little piggie

Sam’s painting from the art lesson I taught yesterday sure beats the last image I posted, right?

Thank you to everyone who expressed concern for my skin!  It’s healing quickly.  Radiation and its side effects were definitely the easiest of my treatment trifecta (chemo/surgery/radiation).

Next month, I’ll see Dr. Woods for my first post-radiation expansion.  And I’ll go back to Turning Point – I’m still wearing the compression sleeve, but no lymphedema massage until my skin heals.

Last week, I joined another research study – this one monitors the effects of exercise on survivorship.  For the next 6 months, Winship will pay our YMCA dues, while I log my physical activity and meet with the fitness director at our local Y each month.  She’s awesome and a little scary – the perfect motivator!

It seems that diet and exercise are the only things I can control now to help keep a recurrence at bay, so I’m all in!  I don’t quite have full range of motion in my arm, and static stretching is discouraged because of the burns, but I can move – just Zumba (not teaching, yet) and cardio/strength classes, so far – and it feels great.

Being back in a classroom was great, too.  25 first-graders, messy paint and dancing to a kid-friendly hip hop song is a heck of a lot more fun than cancer treatment.

Almost as tiring, though :)  You full-time teachers out there are rock stars!



  1. Way cute little piggie! I agree with Selena on the insanely positive attitude and love for life! Happy to read the joy in this post.

  2. Claudia Johnson says:

    Just wonderful, kiddo! Love you!

  3. Ann Chase says:

    You Go Girl!!!
    Nicole, you are amazing! Getting” moving and shaking” already is so good for your body and spirit.
    Being in a program is great to keep you motivated whether you want to be or not. I am helping Sloane’s class with the art literacy program the end of the month and really looking forward to it. I should have Greg sign up too-the little kids just love him.


  4. …and this little piggie said “hot damn…..NO MORE RADIATION ” all the way home!
    YEE HA – let the recovery begin.


  5. I am shocked at how much you can do and are allowed to do having just finished radiation. Must be your insanely positive attitude and your love for life. Thank you for this blog and your willingness to share your private details with us. Good luck at the Y, I’m sure you will surprise them! Back to the trails soon, I hope?!