3 Weeks Post-Treatment

I haven’t been in a doctor’s office in 2-1/2 weeks!

Instead, I go to the gym – trying to increase my endurance and chip away at the 15 lbs I gained during treatment.  Also hoping to be ready the next time one of my old employers needs a Zumba sub!  I wear a goofy do-rag to squash down my hair, which still wants to stick straight out, especially when it’s wet.

Range of motion in my left arm is about 90% and the radiation burns are mostly healed.

I’ve been on a few very slow jogs.  It’s like sta23 days post-radiationrting all over again!  (Anything’s faster than being on the couch, though, right?)  Selena, I’ll move to the trails this week if the rain stays away – maybe that will make it more enjoyable!

I’ll also my dermatologist this week for a post-radiation skin cancer check and meet with the Y’s Wellness Director, as part of the Winship at the Y program.

The rest of the family is great, too.  Joey ran a PR this weekend in a 5K road race.  He and Sara had a special date at the Girl Scout Father/Daughter dance.  And Sam, after winning a huge trophy in Kid Chess – 2nd place in Blitz – capped off his week by dressing up as a 100-year-old for the 100th day of school.

Our thoughts are always with the Oregon Chases.

Thank you for checking in on us!
1/25/13100th day of school



  1. Nothing but great news. Yay!!

  2. Yippee!! Here she comes tough guys, clear the trails!