I Heart Mustache Art

Having way too much fun in our craft room today, I was inspired by the FABULOUS Salvador Dali lessons at Use Your Coloured Pencils andThere’s a Dragon in my Art Room, plus the cutest Valentine I’ve ever seen – from my son’s kindergarten classmate Lola.

Still chuckling, I think I’ll have to use some version of this for my Art Parent lesson in my daughter’s 3rd grade class next week.

Sharpie marker, 12×18 construction paper, 2 pieces antique-tan cardstock (1 for portrait, 1 for speech bubble), scissors, brown or black pipe cleaner and hot glue gun.  Cardstock scraps for embellishments.

For my son’s 1st grade class, oil pastels, at his request.  Maybe a watercolor resist.  I was thinking kissing fish – did you know there really is such a thing?  Or Jim Dine hearts.

I’ll update with the results!

2/12 Update
I should’ve stuck with one project, perhaps – either the original, awesome Dali portraits, or a lesson on facial proportions or a make-your-own Valentine.  Instead, I presented them all as possible directions, with varying degrees of interest from the kids.  Some great tongue-in-cheek results below.

A couple of highlights:
1. Mustache on a Stick, which I offered as an activity if the kids finished early.  Black cardstock, double-stick tape and 3/16″ wooden craft dowels at Michaels.  Great yearbook photo opp!

2. Several kids really appreciated the puns!  This gives me great joy.  They came up with: “My favorite nut is a mustachio.” and “I mustache you a question…but I will shave it for later!”




  1. I hope every parent takes time to enjoy the wonderful, creative work of their child. It just doesn’t get much better, funnier, ‘cuter’ than these !! Good job, Teacher :o)