Our Kids’ New Favorite Toy

These colorful stacking dolls from Maryshoka Madness have taken over our house.  My daughter has always been fascinated by stacking dolls, but a few fragile sets have broken.  When I spotted the plastic, red Cutie set at UrbanOutfitters.com, I scooped it up for her birthday (it’s on sale there now for $9.99).

A pamphlet in the box showed pictures of puppies, kittens and ninjas.  My 5-year-old son was green with envy.  But one generous grandmother’s visit later, and the kids own those now, too.

Amazon has a big selection – each set is $12-$14 and qualifies for free super saver shipping.

Costco: Harry Potter & Lego

Lego Harry Potter Book at Costco for $11.99.
And Mom’s feeling generous because it’s the beginning of summer break.

Oh, happy day, for my 5-year-old son.