Meals on Wheels

54.  That’s roughly how many meals have been delivered to our home since my cancer treatment began.  One friend set up an online Care Calendar.  Another volunteered her plug-in cooler for our front porch.

Neighbors, Joey’s coworkers, our parents’ friends and our children’s teachers.  The mothers of the girls in Sara’s Brownie troop.  The parents of the kids our kids go to school with.  People we’ve been friends with for years and people we hardly know.  They conspired to feed us, and it has been so incredibly helpful.

There have been salads, breads, pastas, chicken dishes, fish, quiche, a pot roast, home-made Chinese and IHOP pancakes.  Take-out so we could try new restaurants.  Gift cards to use at Instead of Flowers.  Micro-brews for Joey, treats for the kids and special drinks and soups especially to soothe my stomach.

Meals were sometimes left quietly, even anonymously, so as not to disturb us.  Often, they included cards made by the family’s children (scroll down to see some of those treasures!).  Once, our own son answered the door naked.  Another time our daughter asked “Did you bring dessert?”  Oy.

Somehow, at least twice a week, for 27 weeks, dinner has miraculously appeared at our doorstep.

Yesterday, the calendar was shut down and we gratefully accepted one last meal from our dear friend Selena.  I’m driving again and we have the time and energy to grocery shop and feed ourselves.

But our hearts are already full.


Enjoy the Meal & Feel Better!