Leather Bands & Sharpies

Yet another reason to love Sharpie markers.  They look terrific on leather!

For an easy set-up, no clean-up craft that’s a little different,
check out this wristband project at Art Murals for Kids by art teacher Kathy Barbro.

Kathy’s step-by-step instructions for making 5 different designs on leather wristbands with Sharpie markers are clever and easy to follow.  The PDF file costs $5.

This project was a good fit for the kids (ages 5-16) at our family reunion in Sunriver, OR.  It would also work well for Girl Scouts or during camping. Art Projects for Kids leather bracelets

After purchasing the designs, I enlarged and laminated the instructions for the kids to use as reference.  The older children really appreciated them, while the younger ones preferred to do their own thing.

The leather wristbands, bought in bulk from Tandy Leather Factory, are $1-$2 each.  They’re also available locally at Michaels.  Even though they’re adjustable, they were still too big for the smallest children, who wore them on their ankles.

Leather anklets 2

Also, be sure to check out Art Projects for Kids - that’s where Kathy  shares hundreds of art lessons free-of-charge.  It’s one of my favorite sites.

Leather Bracelets #2