Valentine’s Day Preschool Party

I organized this Valentine’s Day party for a preschool class of 3-4 year-olds with a friend of mine who is a fantastic party-planning mom.  It was simple, inexpensive and fun.

Candy Hearts & Chopsticks Relay
This was my friend’s idea and I’ve used it several times since.  She asked a local Japanese restaurant if they would sell her wooden chopsticks sets wrapped in paper (I’ve done this twice now and the manager gave them to me at no charge).  Check out this video about how to attach them together with a rubber band.

She set two bowls of candy hearts at one end of the room and two empty bowls at the other end.  She divided the class into two teams and lined them up behind the full bowls.  One child from each team picked up a candy heart with his chopsticks and carried it to the empty bowl.  He brought the chopsticks back to the next child in line, and they took turns until all of the hearts were transferred.

Decorate a Red Bucket with Stickers
Each child received a personalized container to decorate.  Party City and Dollar Tree usually have red buckets in stock for $1 or less.   Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers are great for writing names on plastic.  We collected Valentine’s Day stickers into snack-size Ziploc bags, enough so that each child had his own bag.  The hardest part was finding stickers that weren’t too girly (although most kids this age still don’t care).  But I did find foam monkeys-with-hearts stickers at Hobby Lobby to mix in with the frou-frou hearts.

The kids could do the craft on their own and they had something fun and sturdy to take home (my son still uses his two years later).

Red and/or Heart-Shaped Food
My friend made heart cookies for the children’s snack and I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter on slices of cheese.  We also served red grapes and strawberries.

Kevin Henke’s Lilly’s Chocolate Heart is short and adorable and a great excuse to give each child a chocolate heart afterwards.

The teachers heartily approved and my friend and I were relaxed enough to enjoy the time with our sons and their buddies.